• Marina del Sur Tenerife

    is, undoubtedly, one of the most charming marinas on the island of Tenerife.

    Located in a unique enclave where serenity and the marine atmosphere reign. Marina del Sur Tenerife is surrounded by an exceptional natural setting, offering a quality construction, where multiple nautical and leisure services are on offer, as well as a wide culinary selection and the organisation of various events which attract visitors of all ages and types.




    An ideal place for travelling between islands, holding events, visiting tourists who are keen on maritime activities, a base for all kinds of nautical businesses and always open for the public to visit it and enjoy its facilities.

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    • Umberto Pelizzari apnea world champion invites us to Fenautica 2019

      The great athlete and apnea world champion, Umberto Pelizzari, with all the possible world records behind him, sends us a greeting to everyone and invites us to attend #Fenautica2019. Throughout the year Apnea Academy West Europe organizes in Tenerife courses of adaptation to the aquatic environment (apnea) for all levels, with the famous Umberto Pelizzari […]

  • Course to the Marina

    LOCATION 28º00’25´´N-16º39’40´´W

    Marina del Sur is located in the coastal town of Las Galletas, in the municipality of Arona, in the south of Tenerife. Las Galletas is a small, local traditional fishing village, where tourism, without attracting crowds, mixes with the local population in a subtle manner. The town, which combines its fishing tradition with a latent commercial and gastronomic activity, is the perfect complement to the services offered by the marina, and the setting of great beauty and tranquillity that surrounds it…



    Tenerife South Reina Sofia Airport is only 18 km away. Access is quick and easy. From the airport take the TF-1 motorway towards Los Cristianos / Arona. Take Exit # 26 Guaza / Las Galletas and head towards the town of Las Galletas, without turning off the road. Upon arrival in the town, you will find our marina.  

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