Kids School in Fenautica

AZ trading School

This year in Fenautica for the first time we have the Kids School Association, an important project that comes from the hand of AZ Trading (Spain) and with the collaboration of IGFA (United States) and that no one had started before. It is a project lasting 3-4 years in Spain that plans to train more than 12,000 children in Spain, 30,000 worldwide.

  Its main objective is the training of children for a better future in respect to the environment: seas and the species that inhabit it, in particular to defend more responsible fishing and for this they will give a workshop of approximately one hour in duration. the facilities of Marina Del Sur, during the course of Fenautica, the nautical fair of Tenerife, which takes place on June the 8th  and 9th  in Marina del Sur, the port of Las Galletas, in Arona, Tenerife.

The program of the course / workshop will be about:

-how to protect the environment avoiding further contamination (plastics, fishing lines, batteries, gum, etc. ..).

-preserve small fish

-teaching of different types of threads, hooks and diverse fishing material, as well as the making of basic knots and showing how to handle rods and reels.

At the end of the activity, each child will be given a paper bag with various gifts.

The registration in this training program is completely free and has capacity for 100 children. You can register the same day at the Kids School stand or at The maximum age of the children will be up to 14 years, they are also welcome their parents and / or responsible for them. We will announce later the time and day of the activity.

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