The first Spaniard to paddle an ocean will explain his adventure in Fenáutica

Pedro Ripol will announce how he crowned the regatta that included the Prince of Asturias Honorary Patronage.

The marina Marina del Sur, located in Las Galletas, Arona, will host, on June 8th and 9th, a new edition of  Fenáutica, the great feast of the sea in Tenerife, which will have the participation of the first Spaniard who has paddled an ocean Pedro Ripol, who will share with the attendees his rowing experience across the Atlantic in 2001 and which was honored by the Prince of Asturias. Pedro Ripol, lawyer and entrepreneur, boat skipper and volunteer firefighter from Adeje, sailed for 61 days, 15 hours and 29 minutes of rowing to cross the ocean from Tenerife to Barbados. After surfing 7-meter waves and dodging a tsunami, he reached the coast of Barbados on December 8th, 2001 along with fellow rower Pancho Korff.

From this great adventure, Ripol wrote the book I already knew that by plane it was easier … Crossing the Atlantic rowing “, where he details how he lived for two months in a canoe barely seven meters long. In the book, published in 2012, he recounts his risky experience and shares his reflections and fears. In addition, nowadays he participates in the film Project Atlántic a rowing, a film that shows his feat in the Atlantic and how he takes up his life when he returns to Tenerife.

Highlight the humanitarian and charitable component of both projects, since all the benefits of the book were destined for the San Lázaro Association and with the film it is intended to bring drinking water to all parts of the world that is needed.

In this sense, the Head of Promotion, Marketing and Communication of Marina del Sur Tenerife, Cristina Iglesias, appreciates the participation of the athlete who joins the extensive program of activities offered by Fenáutica 2019 and informs that attendees can see the boat that used to meet the crossing.

In addition to the assistance of Pedro Ripol, the event will feature numerous workshops dedicated mainly to sustainability and care of the environment and the marine environment. It will also include live competitions such as the Guanche’s Cup regatta or the Canary Islands underwater photo and video competition, to be held at the facilities and surroundings of Marina del Sur.

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