Submarine Cleaning Marina del Sur

  1. Limpieza Submarina Promemar

Next Saturday April 27th  will be held in Marina del Sur a cleaning of its funds as well as other activities related to the care of the marine environment. The activity will be carried out in coordination with Ecoembes, Project Libera and SeoBirdlife, in conjunction with collaboration Constructalia, Fonteide, Coca-Cola and Tirma.


The main objective of this activity will be to remove the largest amount of waste, to achieve a recovery of the ecosystem of the area, in addition to raising awareness of the importance of conserving our coastal environments in the best conditions, as well as the importance of recycle and maintain sustainable fishing and responsible consumption.


During the day of this event underwater cleaning of the dock areas will be carried out, counting on the presence of professional divers and certified recreational divers who will develop this work.

Together with the cleaning, various activities will be developed in the fishermen’s market. Activities will be free for all users in the area and will consist of children’s workshops, exhibitions, distribution of informative brochures on the importance of keeping the environment clean, etc.

After completion of the cleaning, a talk will be given inside the facilities of the Marina itself on marine rubbish and its impact on the environment.

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