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  • Tenerife online TV

    Television streaming during Fenautica 2019

    In a celebration for all audiences, such as Fenautica, streaming television could not be absent. The company 24-7 Tenerife as in previous years will be responsible for the digital distribution of multimedia content through the network so that users can see it. To make things easier for you and not miss a single detail of […]

  • Marina Rubicón

    Marina Rubicón Sponsors Fenautica 2019

    One more year, Marina Rubicón supports Fenautica, the great festival of the sea. From here our sincere thanks to this company that has always supported Fenautica since its first edition in 2015. In a privileged enclave, to the south of the island of Lanzarote, between the natural monument of the Ajaches and Playa Blanca, the […]

  • Pepez snorkel-rocas-Tenerife

    Diving with the new Peter Diving system without a bottle on your back

    Pepez Dive and Sail was born in Fenautica with the aim of offering diving and nautical experiences from the comfort of a 12-meter yacht. In Pepez you can enjoy a day at sea with yours doing many activities for divers (dives, baptisms, courses, …) as well as non-divers (Peter Diving System, kayak, snorkel, shore excursions, […]

  • Biosean

    New this year, the Biosean project in Fenautica

    Biosean is a project that combines science with the sighting of cetaceans, through the active participation of citizens (citizen science), students and researchers. This year the Biosean project will participate for the first time in Fenautica through a booth and talks on board their boat: “CALDERON.” At the stand they will have posters, flyers and […]

  • AZ trading School

    Kids School in Fenautica

    This year in Fenautica for the first time we have the Kids School Association, an important project that comes from the hand of AZ Trading (Spain) and with the collaboration of IGFA (United States) and that no one had started before. It is a project lasting 3-4 years in Spain that plans to train more […]

  • Diver under the ocean

    Adapted Diving

    Usually diving is associated with adventurous people willing to live new experiences underwater, but in reality, it is an affordable activity and full of benefits. The first : an unequaled feeling of freedom and weightlessness that equates divers with or without disabilities by eliminating the barriers of the environment. FEDECAS and ADAPTASUB will collaborate and […]

  • Mundo-Fotosub-2019

    Fenautica and the World Championship of Video and Underwater Photography

    On the occasion of the celebration of the World Championship of Video and Underwater Photo in Marina del Sur in September, the Canarian Federation of Underwater Activities (FEDECAS) will present to the general public the details of the celebration of this prestigious event, will be developed from September 17th to 22nd, 2019 and the participation […]

  • Fenautica 2017

    Fenáutica, el evento náutico del Sur de Tenerife organizado por Marina del Sur,el puerto deportivo de Las Galletas,en Arona / Tenerife, se ha convertido,desde su primera edición, en la feria náutica mas grande y popular de la isla y ha supuesto un antes y un despúes para este sector tanto para el municipio de Arona, […]