Technology with Sailing Leaving Lab for Fenautica 2019

Sailing Living Lab is a unique and innovative project open to collaborations with companies and individuals interested in testing new technologies in the high seas. The marine environment is a workbench without equal, since it offers conditions of great difficulty for technological products that must face tests as hard as humidity, salinity, adverse weather, etc …

On his ship Acrobat they go around the world offering diffusion to their technological innovation initiatives and their promoters and this time we have been fortunate to have them for Fenautica.

One more year we have the generous participation of Sailing Living Lab , will teach us through workshops such as on-site underwater robotics, the peculiarities of life on board and technological advances during June 8th and 9th at Marina del Sur, at Las Galletas.

In collaboration with Sailing Living Lab will be the company Project Farfalle, spreading science on board a sailboat with a laboratory together with an oceanographer offering theoretical-practical workshops on Oceanography in Fenautica.

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