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Umberto Pelizzari apnea world champion invites us to Fenautica 2019

The great athlete and apnea world champion, Umberto Pelizzari, with all the possible world records behind him, sends us a greeting to everyone and invites us to attend #Fenautica2019. Throughout the year Apnea Academy West Europe organizes in Tenerife courses of adaptation to the aquatic environment (apnea) for all levels, with the famous Umberto Pelizzari in October.

Freediving is one of the most popular emerging extreme sports, which is based on the voluntary suspension of breathing in water while traveling long distances or descending to great depths. This very particular activity practiced the descent to the depth of the sea to free lung, that is, without traditional diving equipment.

You can find them for more information in the Caleta de Adeje: http://www.apneaacademywe.com

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